Ah, the end of an era. High school graduation looms above my oblivious blondhead. Time to once again join the workingforce. And i've never been less excited.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

High Time

ok so i know that im only eighteen and i may not be the most articulate person on earth, but what the hell- ive got something on my mind and i dont care how immature, dumb or just plain ignorant i sound...some people are so freakin annoying:

i hate feeling used
i hate being underminded
i hate those even dumber, more immature and ignorant than me...

i wish i was one of those 'young folks' who was "wise beyond their years"
the only time i have been close to getting that type of amazing compliment was by "mrsocialstudies" who told me that i was "probably one of the most mature, and surprisingly witty students" he has ever had. while i <3 his big round bald head, he was smart sure, but not always quite on top of things going on around him.

i wish i could write like i had seen the world, or have lived through decades, or even just post about politics or religon- and not about my frivolous doings, which are, indeed, stuipd. i realize that i can be vapid and selfconcerning- but i figure, HELL, in probably 10 years im gonna be married and poppin out jofis jr. ( much to my mothers dismay) so what? i might as well as get all the lovin (towards yours truly) out while i still have the time ( and the stamina).


Oooo She Gotta Smile

thats me :)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Running Out Of Time

i haven't posted in quite a heres the lowdown:

award night: presidental award (high average and SAT score wooo)

last day: ehhhhh

graduation: ok alright, i bawled my eyes out, but at least i won a scholarship for $550

prom: all i ever imagined...again

job search: i feel so unwanted
parties: lots of volleyball and drunk people

but anyway, i've been bored out of my mind, spending money like crazy cause i have no job. i have applied to about 5 different places and niente, nada, nothing. i've almost given up. anyway i have my super sweet orientation for school on thurs and fri- and i'm not too excited, in fact--i'm kinda nervous. soooooo...ive basiclly just hanging arou with jofis, trying not to get fat.

only now do i realize that i'm only seven weeks away from the FIRST DAY ahhhhh!

by the way....badmiton is the coolest sport ever-those korean people are pimp :)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Extraordinary Girl

So to-night is my academic award ceremony, where i am being awarded for something (obviously i know, but i'm not quite sure what). Anyway, i only have six more school days left, yet mrswaterman makes sure to assign as much work as possible, such as: finishing a light in august, do a project on it for our final and present it on the last day of school, AND write not one, but TWO essays, also on this incredibly difficult book.

I am so stoked for graduation and prom...i'm so cliche

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm A Loser Baby

we lost. i freaking hate carolina. they're a bunch of rockheaded neanderthals who should die. and all this over a hockey game. no stanley cup finals. at least for the team that i've held dearest in my heart since i was seven. i love the buffalo sabres- win or lose, first or last.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mine's Not a High Horse

She's the great-niece, and her name is Kersten- and she's nice. Really nice, but her English is mildly amusing in the fact that she can't speak it very well. So I guess she's coming to school with me on Friday. Boy oh boy is she in for a unculture shock. Why you may ask? Because my school is probably the most undiverse high school on the planet...we are the epitome of loser.

Girl on the Wing

So I'm about to go over to my neighbor Ursala house to meet her, um granddaughter? I guess she's about 16 and a cheerleader. Oh did I mention she's from Germany? Do they even have cheerleading in other countries? I thought we were the only ones dumb enough to have professional motivators for our blockheaded jocks. Alright, got to go- more later >:)

So Says I

woW I yllaer epoh siht tsrif tsop seog pu yako!